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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 6, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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. it's a world known celebration of gay pride. >> a global human rights leader speaks onto crisis in the middle east. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> good evening. i'm ken pritchett.
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>> i'm heather holmes. it has been part of san francisco culture now for more than four decades. there are serious troubles tonight for the gay pride celebration. paul chambers is live in san francisco where he talked to those involved about the financial and other struggles. >> reporter: we are live in the heart of san francisco's gay community. this june will be the 41st gay pride celebration. with three top leaders stepping down many wonder if the celebration is in danger. the flags are flying high, in pride we trust the theme for this year's celebration. some say how trustworthy is the organization that puts it on? in december the current and many toker supervisors asked the controller's office to assess the group's budget. >> it pointed out changes that needed to be made, the size that we had about a 200,000- dollar debt. >> reporter: last year groups claimed that the board didn't give them run on their
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invertment. some said that led to the then board president and executive director to resign in october. now they lost another top leader as the board president stepped down because of health reasons. >> i know people are worried but i don't think they need to worry about it not going on. we will make sure it happens. >> we have a financial plan in place. we are stabilized and moving forward. >> reporter: alex randolph was just named to the board last week. >> you have to give nikki a lot of c. under her leadership over the last couple months we secured all of the contractors, we got a lot of our sponsors back on board. >> reporter: and the board has paid off $30,000 of its debt. city laid leader says they are committed to making sure the celebration is successful. live in san francisco, paul chambers. >> caltrains board of directors is considering cuts
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in service. jim vargas is live in san bruno with how people say it's going to hurt them. >> reporter: we are learning that losing a caltrain station can hurt lives, can disrupt lives. we are at the san bruno station, one of the ones on the possible closure list. we meticulous small just before he boarded the caltrain two blocks his home. it's his only mode of transportation. >> reporter: what will you do if it closes? >> i would be spending a lot of money on taxis. >> reporter: going how far? >> to san mateo. >> reporter: can you afford that? >> no. >> reporter: for years its been a policy to get people living working close to public transit. with caltrain running a 30 million-dollar deficit the railroad may have to close up to seven stations. drew said he drives to with in two blocks of his job and said
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driving park recognize a lot more expensive than the train. >> definitely more and that's why i want to keep this station here and as many stations as we can for the people. >> reporter: we heard much the same comments at the south san francisco station. >> people depend onto station to get to work and they keep cutting hours that's bad enough but to take the stop out, people have to quit their job. >> reporter: beside the money at the fair box caltrain has been help bid taxpayers. that's been volunteer and the local governments suffering financially to. jerry hill says private business may chip in and he promises that the idea of housing near public transit is still a good idea. >> i'm not going to give up and people shouldn't give up and it's just a temporary problem and there will be temporary solutions that will get us over it. >> reporter: along term solution may require taxes of some sort to go up in the three
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caltrain counties. jim vargas. >> some carpool lanes in the south bay could open to solo drivers, that is if they are willing to pay a fee. cal trans and the santa clara vta will hold hearings tomorrow on a plan to let drivers pay a toll to use the hov lanes. the plan to convert the express lanes will be discussed at the vta building tomorrow from 4:30 to 6:30 ins evening president evening. >> today's weather led to a series of accidents including a crash on the eastern approach to the bay bridge. we told you about a big rig that jackknifed. it happened a little offer eight just west of first street in san francisco. it blocked three lanes of traffic heading to the lower deck until just before noon. talk act a major headache. they had to remove the truck and had to clean up diesel fuel
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that spill from the truck. nobody was injured. late last night in contra costa the roads contributed to a crash that killed a woman from fremont. the chp said the 22-year-old driver was heading north when she veered in to oncoming traffic. she then sideswiped three cars, spun out of control and then was broadsided by another vehicle. one of the drivers involved said the rain was coming down hard at time of the crash. >> it happened so quick and fast. it started to rain just about ten minutes prior to the accident. that could have been a factor. >> nobody else was seriously injured. the chp is trying to determine if alcohol or drugs were a factor. >> winter weather advice in effect in the sierra with in the next five hours running until 10 tom morning. right now on eastbound 80 at king vail there is mostly rain with no chain requirements on highway 50 or 80 but that could
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change and anyone heading to or from the sierra should be prepared for up to six to 12- inches of new snow. plenty of rain in the bay area today. mark is in the channel 2 weather center to say if more rain is on the way. >> at least in the short term the possibility still of stubborn rain but most of it moved through earlier this morning, take a look right now at the rainfall totals. santa rosa, the north bay with the most, santa rosa just about a little over a half inch. san jose just a few hundred directs. we still have activity on the radar. you can see the wider view. we have quite a bit of low level moisture in the form of drizzle. still enough to trigger the wind shield wipers. livermore and danville and closer to bay as well for san francisco.
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nothing major but enough to produce drizzle or a few light showers. overnight expecting the clouds, still a possibility of a few sprinkles. areas of fog. you can see napa at 41, san francisco 49 and sap jose at 48. coming up we will look at the forecast for form and in fact pinpointing the cloud cover and the shower chances for monday. there is another possibility of a few springless, the timing on that in your full forecast. >> you can find live storm tracker updates by going to the website and clicking on the storm tracker 2 tab near the top of the home page. >> police say a drunk man is to blame for a huge water leak after he crashed his car into a fire hydrant downtown. the unidentitied man is in jail tonight on drunk driving charges stemming from the accident just after one.
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his car sheered off a fire hydrant sending water into the air. nobody was hurt. it took repair crews more than an hour to stop the leak. we have a follow up tonight on a story we first brought you this morning. a man missing overnight has been found. a search and rescue operation was launched early today for the man in sea ranch. one official said the man disappeared yesterday after he went mushroom picking. he did show up around 9:00 this morning near deer field road. it's unclear what happened to him overnight. >> some city employees in antioch up in arms offer a deal between the police and city council. the union representing city worker is a using the council of giving a special deal to police at the same time it's asking others to take a 10% pay cut. they say budget pains aren't being shared fairly by the police. the council is expected to address the claims at a news
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conference tomorrow morning. there is more to come on the news at five. desmond tuto in the bay area. what he had to say about africa. >> and news about just what's on bart seats and what may have to happen to clean them. >> he was the last living veteran from world war i. why some say he is being dishonored. . and a rally for housekeepers and nannies. what they say they fled to protect their safety and jobs.
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. desmond tutu gave a sermon at grace cathedral. more than a thousand packed the church to hear him speak. in his sermon he spoke about forgiveness. he recognized the movements in
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the middle east as well. >> inhumanee oppression gives way to an infant democr acy. >> he went onto say he believed the governments in the nations will eventually crumble. this was his third visit to the area in the past five-years. he was awarded the peace prize for his work as a human rights leader. >> on this sunday before international women's day home care workers and employers came together to call for the passing of a domestic worker's bill of rights. >> today i don't have no time. >> there were skits showing the poor working conditions of some workers. those gathered support a bill of rights creating guidelines for those employing
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housekeepers, nannies and others who work in the home. nikki booker hires home care workers and said she wants to make sure all are properly compensated for their work. >> many of them will workdays on end without a day -- without a day off. they will work long hours without a break. many of them don't get paid vacation. >> reporter: san francisco assembly man introduced the bill last month. some vendors could me forced out of business. starting this summer inspectors will crack down on vendors to make sure they have the right permits and are following food safety rules. officials say judging by the number of health complaints some won't pass the inspections. a 45 day waiting period will also be put on new permits so official dear sir put the new regulations in effect. a new san francisco state study finds cloth covered seats
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on bart trains may be a health hazard. nine different strains of bacteria were found, some are resistant to medication. bart spent 600,000 a year to dry-clean them. the transit agency said it'll survey the public about replacing them with easier to clean plastic. >> some dog owners plan to gather at fort mason in 24 hours to protest new off leash rules along the coast. they said this afternoon they expect hundreds of dog lovers to attend. the area wants to limit off leash access to 21 locations including the ocean beach, christy field and fort mason as part of an effort to protect the eco system. the penninsula humane society is looking for people to open their homes for 250 rescued cats. the cats were found in a small storage unit in southern california after neighbors complained about the smell. the cats were living in cramped
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and dirty conditions, another 36 were found dead in a freezer. anyone interested in adopting can contact the humane society. >> unusual controversy brewing tonight in washington dc. it has to do with the last american veteran of world war i to die and how he should be honored. >> reporter: his daughter said he considered himself a representative of all world war i veterans and that he believed his final duty was to lie in honor in the capitol's rotunda as a final and formal tribute to all the other veterans that he out lived but as it turns out leaders don't plan to let him lie in honor. a spokesman for the speaker of the house said everybody honor his service to the united states and the extraordinary sacrifices made by all members of the armed services who served in world war i, that is why the speaker and senate
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majority leader will ask the secretary to allow his family to use the amphi theater at arlington surrounded by veterans of all wars. that is not good enough for one of the united states senators from his home state. joe mansion said it horrible that the speaker would deny the honor to the last living veteran of the world war. i urge him to reconsider this. buckles congresswoman said she hopes the bickering ends soon because it doesn't do justice to his memory and buckles daughter questions the way things have happened as a relative and as an american. she wants to know if the last american soldier surviving isn't suitable to serve as a symbol to honor those who served in the great war who can? there is no one left. the president has ordered all government buildings to fly
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under flags at half staff the day he is buried. he was 110. in washington. >> coming up, the president ramps up pressure on the leader of lybia. >> and the state department has a warning for americans about yemen, don't go there. we will explain why. >> gas prices continue to rise. what the united states said it'll do if necessary to reduce prices at the pump.
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. a light quake hit this morning off the coast of humbolt. the report is that the quake as a 4.6. it hit at about 5:45 this morning and was 70 miles southwest of eureka. no reports of any injuries railroad damage. in chile a strong 6.2 quake shook parts of that country causing worry but no major damage orrin juries. the quake was centered almost 1400 miles north of the capitol. several quakes have rattled northern chile, most of them with 5 or less. last year a 8.8 killed 524. today in new zealand police have been relaxed letting people inside businesses to
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find their belongings. also the government released bad news related to the quake and the country's economy. the government's treasurey says the quake will cut the rate of economic growth in half. the treasurey said it's expected to bounce back in 2012 once construction is well underway. >> the president today used his chief of staff to say the united states wants an international effort to convince the leader of lybia to step down. >> discussions going on, they have been going on for weeks to try to have a coordinated effort to bring pressure on him from the entire world to say stop this, it's in the world's interest that this sort of thing be stopped and we are part of that community. >> he said he is confident a strong global response to the violence is coming. while they continue to pressure him, fighting escalated in the country. troops loyal to the government
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went on a counter offensive to the east of tripoli with a rising number of deaths. >> reporter: an ambush stopped the rebels advance. this is the first time they have faced a real fight and it appears as though the government forces have the upper hand when it comes to fire power, when it comes to training and command and control. the other thing that the forces have is their air power and today as we were on the frontlines and those bombers came in it was a very scary feeling. >> there is a lot of anti air craft fire. you can see flack that's gone up, there is a huge amount of fire power going on. now the clear day it looks like the air force is trying to counter attack. >> anti air craft fire going
5:24 pm
off. >> reporter: we are heading up now into the main intersection where the rebels are trying to gather and see if they will move forward or maintain their defensive line. >> we have -- soldiers, we are sons of lybia. >> reporter: >> reporter: how is he doing? will he go back to the fight? >> yeah. >> he will be back in the -- i win or i die. >> reporter: in the next 24 to 48 hour itself will be clear they are able to take on the government in his strong hold in his hometown in a place where is he supposed to have up to 20,000loyal troops all armed
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and well trained. fox news. >> in other news of the world tonight the state department is advising americans not to travel to yemen and citizens in the country should consider leaving. it's also authorizing family members of united states embassy staff and nonessential people to leave. the advisory sites terrorism and civil unrest in that troubled country. the state department said the threat level there is very high. in egypt this weekend protesters demonstrated outside the offices of the state security services demanding that the agency be disbanded its leaders tried for alleged torture and human rights violations. the demonstrations broke out after rumors forces were inside the building destroying evidence. so far the military leaders haven't taken action against that agency. in taiwan nine are dead and 12 hurt after a nightclub act went wrong. on lookers said preformer was a
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torch set the roof on fire trapping people inside. the use of fire is banned in hotels and restaurants but not in bars. police said all the deaths were caused by smoke inhalation. of the people trapped on the second floor. >> still ahead, it is a story you will only see on two. new surveillance video showing how hard it is to crack on down on a problem in a bay area neighborhood. . and will talking about islamic groups help or hurt? >> the obama administration said it has a plan to soften the blow of skyrocketing gas prices. >> and the space shuttle getting ready for a historic trip back to earth.
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. a follow up on san francisco's crack down on illegal dumping. the city is suing two companies for dumping construction debris in the bayview hunter's point neighborhood. they say there are many more offenders out there and in a story only here we show you new video giving us a look at how hard it is to catch them. >> reporter: look closely. it's hard to see what's happening and that's the problem. >> it's difficult. mostly it's most difficult in the baby hunter's point neighborhood of san francisco because it's a -- it's a vast area with a lot of industrial properties. >> reporter: we got this video
5:30 pm
that gives us four different views in a case of illegal dump the point. this is january 18th about 1:30. we will show you this video a few times because it's hard to see. look at the top of the screen, you can see a truck pulling up, the lights go off, two people get out and the back gates open. the container lifts and debris spills into the street. watch as that dark mass falls as the truck drives away. >> someone can get in, get in and out, usually very dark, not great street lighting, industrial areas. >> reporter: three more may help, one showing the truck approaching, another showing it driving by and a third gives us a look at the back where a tail light is out. city officials haven't found that truck or it's occupants yet but the search continues and the city attorney said they
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will prosecute. ktvu. >> aaa reporting gas prices have jumped almost 50-cents in the last month. the average cost for a gallon of regular in san francisco today $3.94. in san jose and oakland it's $3.90. the price jump is due to worries about oil supplies from north of africa and the middle east. the chief of staff said the obama administration is watching the price of oil very carefully and is prepared to tap the strategic reserve to help price itself necessary. >> the issue of the reserves is one we are considering. it's something that only is done -- has been done in very rare occasions. there is a lot of factor that have to be looked at and it's just not the price. >> reporter: the reserve contains 727 million-barrels of oil, enough to fuel the united states for more than a month if all the oil supplies were cut
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off. >> the city of tracy will remember sandra cantu this week at an event. it's scheduled for tuesday which would have been her 10th birthday. is there will be free bowling for children, ice cream, yogurt and more provided by local businesses. sandra was killed in 2009 by her neighbor. last summer the neighbor was sentenced to life without parole for the murder. for more information go to and click on web links. $500,000 set aside by former san francisco mayor for a homeless project cording to a news report has not been transferred over to the tender loin health nonprofit group. they want to use the money to offer service for the homeless including legal help and haircuts. san francisco's health director said she hasn't done it because of possible budget cuts.
5:33 pm
the homeland security committee will hold hearings on radical islamic groups in the united states but the call for such look at one religious group is striking a sour chord. >> reporter: groups rallied both for and against republican representative the call for hearings on the radical groups. king has scheduled the hearings for thursday after saying there is a threat to be looked at. >> we are talking about al- qaeda, who have been radical -- with in the muslim community in a very small minority. >> reporter: keith ellison of minnesota the first muslim elected fearing could make it worse. >> i don't want them to be able to stand up and claim you know see we told you, america is at war with islam. that's a main recruiting argument. i think we need to be careful about how we use the government
5:34 pm
in investigative hearings. >> reporter: while he agrees the committee should investigate radical islam he doesn't agree on singling out a particular community but king argues the hearing will speak for itself. >> more heavy rain headed to the midwest and it couldn't come at a worse time as parts of that area are already under water. >> we have had rain in the bay area much of the day. is more on the way? mark will have the forecast.
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5:36 pm
. in parts of the midwest more heavy rain and flooding on the way. the forecast especially devastating to people in
5:37 pm
central and northwest ohio. that's where rivers threatening to overflow their banks for the second time in a week investment the situation in the town of valley view. >> reporter: big thaw caused the river to overflow and flood the village. this family has owned a home here 50 years. this flood caused their foundation to rebuckle and it has to be replaced. >> going to keep fixingt. the house isn't worth anything. we can't sell them. nobody wants to move here. >> reporter: the threat of more rain has them worried. >> thinking we will never -- have to redo it again. we are just barely cleaning it up now. very no heat, no water or power. >> we are now serving lunch. >> reporter: the american red cross is providing flood, water, cleaning supplies and an encouraging word in the face of a forecast that could bring more misery. him are fearful, they are just starting to get back in and pick up and clean up and are
5:38 pm
afraid it'll happen all over agai >> reporter: some have tried to stay above nature by building elevated homes but even some of them haven't been immune. >> that is flood mud. >> reporter: jessie's home was designed to be a fortress but monday's flood destroyed his car and other things. he hope this is time the river stays in lieutenants banks. >> it'll suck. we will make preparations. hopefully the -- the city promises it won't happen again but nobody knew it was happening last time. >> that was jack shea reporting for us. tough situation there for them. >> amazing hard work to try to clean up the damage. >> yeah. >> we have had our own share of rain today, nothing like that. rain throughout the day in the bay area. mark is here with forecast. >> yeah. today, this afternoon we had
5:39 pm
kind of a mix between drizzle and rain. that hybrid with just enough to tryingl the wind shield wipers. right now on the maps on the storm tracker i can show you the cove rage. even if you aren't covered we could have mist or drizzle. santa rose a san rafael and at last check the latest -- napa and concord with light rain. you can see it right now closer to vallejo, back the maps out, head to the south and you can see the clouds, the cloud deck -- also the rain showers starting to break up in coverage and more breaks in the activity as you work closer to the south bay. we could still have that mist or drizzle in place. a look outside right now. show you this the golden gate bridge, that's what we have right now in addition to the mist and drizzle we have the fog developing. that will impact the visibility. watch out for that. we will watch that overnight as we head into early monday morning. here is the plan in the short term. for tonight mostly cloudy,
5:40 pm
chance of light showers, for tomorrow for monday partly to mostly cloudy, the extended forecast, the rain chances but nothing major showing up on the long range weather map. here is a look at the satellite and radar. most of the rainfall happening earlier this morning the passing of that system. here is the overall set up for tonight. we have that area of low pressure, it'll continue to produce clouds, and the fog and also still showers and drizzle. this will be heading out to the east was we head into early monday morning and high pressure returns, the main impact will draw in some of that cooler air. temperatures only in the mid to upper 50s and it could be a bit breezy with winds around 15 to 25 miles an hour coming out of the northwest. there is the possibility of a few sprinkles but the best bet for tomorrow night and into early tuesday morning as a very weak system clips the northern portions of the area. here we go with the cloud and rainfall model. 10:00 we might have a few showers to show you on the
5:41 pm
newscast, especially in the south bay. we will put it in motion for tomorrow. not a lot, the clouds and the fog the biggest factor for tomorrow and then in the afternoon and approaching the evening. here is that weak system clipping the northern portions of state and it'll be a cloud producer and a few light showers developing by monday evening into early tuesday. pretty early tuesday between four and seven. it won't be a big deal mainly a cloud producer. tomorrow morning at 7:00 clouds and fog, 45 to 50, by 12:00 scattered clouds, then by 3:00 partly cloudy, temperatures back up in to the 50s, around 56 to 59 degrees. here is a look at numbers. santa rosa, oakland 58, more neighborhoods, san jose 59 and here is the look ahead. lue notice into tuesday the possibility of a few sprinkles early tuesday morning, possibly just up until about sunrise, wednesday warm up those numbers, it'll be a nice day the temperatures back up to
5:42 pm
around 70 degrees and still the weekend. looking toward next weekend and at least partly cloudy, chance of a shower on sunday but no major storms showing up on the five-day forecast in the long range weather maps. >> bit of a break. >> yeah. >> we could use it. >> we could. you called it though. about -- i don't know what time it was, you could hear it. did it wake you up? >> it did. >> it was nice to have the timing right but still that -- that weird mist and drizzle throughout the day. still a factor tonight. . and it did taper off. >> yeah. that moves out tonight and then tomorrow just watch out for the fog. >> all right. thank you. >> the space shuttle is preparing for it's final return to earth. the crew closed the hatch to the international space station and went to sleep a few hours ago. they will undock early tomorrow morning and head back to earth. this is their last trip into space. they have flown 38 missions
5:43 pm
logging 352 days in space the most of any shuttle in the fleet. . it'll go to the smithson an in washington. while the manned fleet will soon retire an unmanned space craft is also in orbit tonight. it was launched yesterday. the air force said the 14-foot long craft will remain in orbit for nine months acting as a test bed. it's believed the craft is a spy satellite by machine for agencies. >> the baby boomer generation hitting retirement. 10,000 people a day will reach age 65 and that will continue for the next 20 years. that will create a major growth in one industry, the home health care industry >> put your gate belt on. >> reporter: terry in home care giving is more than just a job.
5:44 pm
. >> it's what i'm supposed to be doing and i feel strongly about that is giving back . >> reporter: she made the change at age of 56. she got certified to be a full time nursing assistant after watching her friend loose a bat well cancer and watching her mom go through rehab. >> reporter: experiences can make many older care givenners related to their client better. >> may be the loss of a loved one, a spouse, other family members, there is a sense of loss in terms of levels of into entities. >> reporter: her agency seeing more care givenners in or near their 60s. some are coming out of retirement. some looking for a change. >> that second career is very important to them. either for life fulfillment, or for financial reasons. >> reporter: ferry is now 57
5:45 pm
and being a nursing assistant can be a demanding job. >> i will continue doing it as long as i am able. >> coming up the giants continue their hot streak in spring training. with very the highlights. >> and the warriors continue on their road trip traveling to philadelphia to take on the sixers. sports wrap is next.
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the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. . good evening. welcome to this early sports wrap. game five of a seven game road trip for the warriors once
5:48 pm
again points out how the team is better than last year but still seriously flawed when you look at the big nba picture. golden state in philadelphia getting a look at the newest member of the team, al thornton off the bench for two of his six first half points. the warriors trailed by eight at the break. they made a move in the third, golden state taking away. wright will start the break. he will feed currie, that made it 78-76. warriors, smart may not have liked what he saw, but wait. golden state down tree in the final seconds. ellis with a tough three. this ties the game. they head to overtime tied at 106. the sixers are out scoring the warriors in the extra period. holiday to turner as the sixers go in front by five. they are hanging on and leading just seconds to go. it's 123-117 philadelphia so it looks like they will go 1-4 on their seven game trip. the lakers and spurs, pair
5:49 pm
of high profile games. court side seats can put new the middle of action. the spurs have the best record in the game but the laingers took quick control. bryant with three of his 26 and then a comment for a fan. they never looked back. hill turns it over. kobe taking the other way. he gets the call, los angeles wins 99-83. heat, not the true translation in miami as the heat hosted chicago. back to rose, the bulls try to hand miami it's 4th straight loss. loss bulls? this shot translates in any language. wade with the off balance spinning effort that won't go but he gets the rebound. wade had 20, james 26, ebb and flow but chicago made its move
5:50 pm
in the 4th. for the record loss toros -- 87- 86. couple of good science for the giants as they continue to point to opening day at the end of this month starting pitcher looked as good as you can. part of the proceedings today in scottsdale. in the third the bases full of mariners when he got out of the inning by striking out kennedy. he struck out seven in his three and two thirds shut outs innings. they had a 1-0 lead in the third. tejada with a shot to the wall that drives in two, the third with a triple, the giants got three for a 4-0 lead and the beard made his first spring appearance. giants win 6-1. tim said nobody is sitting on any world series laurels. >> way people look at us is, you know, with -- we are just a lot of regular guys doing our
5:51 pm
job. we just like to have fun, that's what we have shown. we had the great chemistry that people talk act, whether guys are coming late in the season. almost like they were with the team all year. make that connection. >> the a's split up the team and played a pair of games today in phoenix. henderson reminder of the good old days of the 80's and early 90s. in the second gonzalez a reminder of how good the pitching staff might be. he fans the side. betancourt, and -- eric, three hitless innings and five strike outs for gonzalez. crisp had a pair of hits for the a's and drill one down the right field line. by the time they track the ball down is he at third with a triple. the a's hangon for the win in this one. the other half played the padres and lost 7-6. it's not how many laps you
5:52 pm
lead but who is in front at the etched president that's what tony stewart experienced today. on lap 108 kyle busch ended his day when his engine goes up in flames. he ended back at 38 and he heads to the garage. losing a tire can also cost you when jeff gordon's tire blew he ended up against the wall. gordon on the hook. he finished 36th. tony stewart, he led edwards in to the pits. when they came out edwards was in front and he hung on for the win, stewart led 166 of the 267 but finished second. edwards second in daytona with his first win of the year. he celebrates in his usual way and moves in to third place in the points behind stewart and kurt busch. at least one bay area team will make it to the wcc tournament finals. we will tell you about that when we continue and how a golf
5:53 pm
tournament that looked like a run away got close.
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5:55 pm
. golfer started the day with the biggest three round lead in the history of the tournament. when he finished the lead at as slim as it could be. still up five as he played the 9th hole but his three putt and bogi opened the door for others. first there was kelley, from the fringe at 13, he was on the way to a 67 and at this point was with in three. yang made a move with the 66. 147 shots, ended up in the water. yang not bothered on the 15th. he carries the lake, puts his hotshot though close. suddenly with in a stroke that. put the pressure on.
5:56 pm
is he putting for birdie at 16. he will nail it to move back in front by two strokes. we go to the doppler as the little storm passed through delaying the finish for a half hour. when they resumed he made parr to complete a round of 10 which watts good enough to beat yang by a stroke. kelley in second. they celebrated his first tour victory in two years. all three bay area wcc teams at it in the tournament. at least one will go to the final. saint mary's and santa clara underway, later usf and gonzaga. the number one team wrapped up it's regular season today. final seconds of the first half. john hits a long three to give the buckeyes a 15 point lead over wisconsin at the break. this was his day. he had his number retired then went seven of eight from beyond the arc. as a team they set a record making 14 of 15 on their
5:57 pm
threes. that's 93%. they roll 93-65. the unions for major league baseball and umpires held a rare meeting. the objective was to address the reasons for several missed calls last year. stay tuned for that solution. that's it for this early sunday night sport wrap. see you tonight at ten with all the wcc results and yes missed calls in the postseason something that will get your attention. glad they are addressing that. >> all right. one last check of the weather. a lot of people using the umbrellas but not necessarily for the rest of the night. >> yeah. getting a work outf. you are heading outside maybe take the dog, just to be safe carry the umbrella but maybe drizzle, few light showers,ly say the fog developing so watch for that, big drop off. >> little break from the rain. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> coming up tonight at ten if you filled up lately you know
5:58 pm
gas prices just keep going up and today it it's worth, they jumped 33-cents in the last two weeks. >> we will talk to who suffer as prices rise as the obama administration proproses an idea to keep prices in check. that tonight at ten. >> and that's the report. i'm ken pritchett. >> i'll heather holmes. for all of us here, thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at ten. hope to see you then. have a good night. >> goodnight. o?oowq
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